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  • 2700 Southwest 8 Street
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970 West Flagler St
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3550 West 84 Street
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147 East Lucy Street
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2244 Fortune Road, Kissimmee, FL
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Lincoln Marti centers

Lincoln-Martí is an institution dedicated to educating the future of our community, both academically and socially.

We, at Lincoln-Martí believe that the quality of any nation, state, city, community and family must be judged by the preparation and advancement of the individuals who comprise them.

Our system of education is based on the philosophy that successful student growth and development depends on the rationale for guiding such growth. We recognize that children need to develop their need for freedom, but within limits. Lincoln-Martí has prepared an environment which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences that promote the development of the intelligence of each child, as well as, each child’s physical and psychological abilities.

Students are respected as individuals and they learn to respect others. The needs of the individual are strongly emphasized. They are exposed to activities involving freedom of choice. Yet students are taught in classrooms to facilitate the socialization process. Students are free to create friendships and learn to respect each other within a loving and friendly environment. Love is fundamental to the development of the whole child.

The Lincoln-Martí family gives its students the opportunity to work, study, and participate in activities that facilitate their adjustment to a new culture and prepare them to become self-sufficient within it.


Click on Abraham Lincoln or José Martí to read more about them.

The goal at Lincoln-Martí is to provide the environment where students have the opportunity to develop the whole person with the abilities to face the challenges of adulthood.

Through a sound educational program; moral, urban and civic education ; the development of a commitment to justice and moral values; an appreciation for one’s cultural heritage; an understanding of the rights and responsibilities guaranteed by this great nation and the promise of freedoms enjoyed; a recognition and commitment to continue to grow intellectually with a spirit of success, we hope to prepare model citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.

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2700 S.W 8 Street
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