Mum went on to see many more apparitions as did her colleagues while posted at Changi. I have some photographs here. We lived in Paya Lebar. Good luck! i just online view picture of old changi hospital only.. Gail, I tried to reply on an earlier post. A fantastic well run medical facility and proud to have served there. Contrary to what some of you think or believe, Old Changi Hospital has not been converted into a hotel. Anyhow- it is really cool to communicate with you all as I don’t know Singapore at all but have always longed to visit. When we visited, our escort had to go in first and disarm them. OMG! When I wrote to them a couple of years ago they put me in touch with the Singapore Land Authority, so maybe you can contact them. Fish Farms at Seletar West Farmways to be Relocated? Many thanks- and wishes to all others who were born there too! Other commentators are correct, it isnt the hospital that is the boutique hotel. … They were so nice, and the whole visit was really special. Angela Merkel: HitlerR... Stagmont Camp’s Missing K... ITE Tampines Is Haunted; Sarimbun Camp; Jurong West Haunted; BMT in Tekong; Blk 36 Teban Gardens Road; Becareful Of Gumantong; Haunted Bukit Batok Natur... Selarang Camp; Random Posts. 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The view at shower room on the same floor offered a commanding view down the long staircase, which leads to a bus stop, and a couple of chalets at the bottom of the knoll. It just felt strange and incomplete. Known for being right next to Old Changi Hospital, Raintr33 Hotel will be closed after 6 years of business. . My cousin & I were born in BMH Singapore within a few months of each other in 1963 There would be a medic on duty everyday, stationed at psychomedicine branch to monitor the patients (there was a smaller ward inside the branch for these patients, separated from those in SAF ward), but would pop over every now & then to check on us to make sure we behaved (there were only 2 of us warded at that time). I too was born in Changi Hospital in 1967 due to my father being in the Royal Marines and stationed out there for nearly 3 years. Contrary to popular belief, the place was never once felt eerie during my stay, even though the ward was almost empty, save for the two of us in the ward and the occasional checks by nurse and medic on duty, The ‘retro’ hospital vibe and quiet atmosphere actually helped me to sleep soundly every night. The hospital has its origins in the Royal Air Force set up, which took over much of Changi, including the former Kitchener Barracks after the Second World War. It might the security guard way of asking us to leave politely but it was just too much effort on the security guard part to be it. So, the whispers your friend heard were wind blowing through the empty blocks, if not the trees, through the leaves, in the vicinity. Went home to Australia; many postings but now retired in Queensland. Hope you can go as well! thanx Linda, good luck! If by any chance Te could get a message I would love to meet her next Jan 13. I remembered it was about 7.10pm when the Muslims believe that from 7 to about 7.30p.m, the Muslims were encourage not to go out from their house or stay in a shelter. I actually feel like I’ve lost a piece of my childhood & I don’t know anyone who can relate to my wanting to see Changi . I would love to see some photos of when the hospital was operational, as it is sad to see it run down :(. Empty morgues that are not really empty. . We lived there 72-73. If I do get any photos I’ll share them, but my Mum isn’t coming on the trip with me next Jan 13, so I am hoping to identify the right ward if I am allowed to go in. i was born here in 1971 i came home 2 england a few months old but i would still love to go back there and often look at old photos , I was born there in 1971 also and returned to Scotland at 8 months old. The buildings were said to be haunted by victims of the Japanese occupation. The Old Changi Hospital is a former hospital in Changi, Singapore. I would love to do that too. 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I can’t believe I’ve stumbled upon this site and also to find so many other people who feel the same way as me . It was handed over to the Commonwealth forces in 1971 when the British started withdrawing their troops from an independent Singapore. But the project failed.I guess the workers saw ghost XD But really i think OCH is “friendly” place. which was a shame. It is like the rectangular corridor has only 3 sharp corners and a gaping hole at the place where the 4th corner should have been. For people who wants to “trespass places to take photo : Barb wire cannot penetrate towel . The hospital staff would come to work packed with their beach wear and go for afternoon swim at the Changi beach! We used to go and watch the open-air film shows on a huge screen in the car park and all the patients would crowd onto the various balconies to watch! The hospital was previously known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital and was merged with the Toa Payoh Hospital and renamed as the Changi General Hospital. You may visit ~ Paul, Paul, I was born there in 1952 and have some pictures taken on the maternity floor. Just one year later, SAF Hospital was passed to the Ministry of Health (MOH), which opened it to the public. It served the Royal Engineers in Kitchener Barracks, the Royal Artillery in Roberts Barracks and the Gordon Highlanders in Selarang Camp. Is the OCH still at halton road my parents told me that the place has turned into a restaurant. As creepy spots go, Old Changi hospital ticks all the boxes. And also said they looked young and their clothes and hairstyle like old type during Japanese occupation.Latter I learnt these people are the tortured victim by the cruel Japanese Soldiers in World War 2.After I done my prayers these spirits never disturb me again. It is an odd looking room which entrance is from a corner of the corridor. History. Yes, i wish to drive/walk all the way to the very top and quite steep road there, but since im hungry, i decide not. ( Log Out /  1935 : A hospital was built in the British military base in Changi and named RAF Hospital. Patients who don’t know they are dead. Nathan (1924-2016) – President, Diplomat, Crisis Leader, Remembering Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Father of Singapore (1923-2015), The Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture and his Joo Chiat Studio, The Emporium Legend Lim Tow Yong (1925-2012), A Persistent Opposition J. Well, if those that have been before may you all write more about it so that I can know more info about it as I always want too:). During that period of time, strange things started happening in my house. Yes! my heart was pounding and im like: omg omg dun let the dog catch me and bite my leg off. Old Changi Hospital has been inaccessible to the public for some time now. Wasn’t the mortuary slightly away from the hospital, up a hill? Please can you update us again after the October bid results. Changi Hospital at the top of Halton Road. There were security guards and the big dogs keeping watch. Among her were two of her other friends, both female. I was born here in 1967 and my family moved back to the UK in 1970. They will announce the result of the bidding in October 2012. Which one of the two was the BMH? There are some great websites where you can see pictures and even video footage of the inside of the building. For remembrance of that place – a haunt of teenage bravado more than anything else – you can view the virtual tour I did here. My brother was born in the Old Changi Hospital and I would love to see it. Well, there is always one born, every minute. QUICK, COME IN! We had two wonderful escorts who were very friendly and helpful. If anyone knows where the maternity ward was in the hospital (I believe it was 4th or 5th floor) can they let me know? My Father being in the RAF and posted out there for a two year period. other than this episode, we manage to access the highest point through the stairs that you people were talking about. Thanks for the update here. The SAF Hospital merged with Changi Chalet Hospital in 1976 and renamed Changi Hospital, after the former was handed over to the Ministry of Health. I lived in a house at the base of Changi Hospital for three years from ’57 to ’60. I can’t seem to find that link anymore though. Alamak! Hi Linda and Gail, I too was born at Changi in 1967 and my parents returned to the uk in 1970. Thus MOH decided to source for another better location. . It is not advisable to try to sneak in without permission. He said on a few occasions when he was doing the night shift, he would hear children playing “upstairs”, running about and laughing, jolly good time and the children were “conversing” in English with British accent! We went in there before with an Indian security guard bring us around, including to the old barrack buildings on top of the hill. Takes me back to being a radiographer (RAAMC) 1974-75. I have a few Singapore photos which I will digitalise and try to put up. At night, the orange glow from the street lights would took over, making the already dull windows pane looked so dreary. Saw the previous few posts that a permit is required. I was a airman in raf change from 1969 until 1971 my best friend was in change hospital however I will be in changi next week I will visit the raintr 33 hotel I love singapore. I know. Suffice to say the goosebumps remain till now even. This is very special and almost mirrors my family story except that we moved to Canada from England when I was 4. During daytime the green leaves from the trees adorned the boring wooden window panes with vintage looking metal grilles, accompanied by constant cicada humming. DONT VISIT IT!ITSIS VERY VERY HAUNTED.yes,iam a singaporean and i know what will happens when u went in.IF ITS AT NIGHT,AND YOU GOIN,YOU WONT STAND ACHANCE TO COME OUT.but in the day,behave just very very very normally as if you dont know about its past of the hostpital.VISIT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I agree…If you get to visit, Paul, it would be great to do it on behalf of us all, and definitely with permission from the proper authority. And is it still needed to write in to SLA? Actually inside the building was not creepy or whatsoever at all. Last Sunday afternoon around 2pm I revisit the Hospital. The hospital was previously known as Royal Air Force (RAF) Hospital and was merged with the Toa Payoh Hospitall and renamed as the Changi General Hospital. Our next reaction was to immediately turn right around and run straight down the hill back to our car, half-laughing and screaming all the way. . I would love for that to happen though! CHECK OUT MY CLOTHING LINE Hey guys! , Hi Dreams, following previous advice I too have written to the Singapore tourism board to see if I could be lucky enough to have a tour too. We had a great time visiting all the different RAF stations we’ve lived at but I kept the best till last and when we finally got to Changi I switched to street view . Hi all, I have just had a brainwave, does anyone know if it is possible to obtain our old hospital records from here. I knew a fella, who went to old OCH in the afternoon a few years ago when it was closed and dilapidated. I’d love to hear about it . Just google Old Changi Hospital and look for the links with photos. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I was one of them. if you ever visit OCH there’s a stairs and somewhere you have to climb through to the top level, there’s where you get the most brilliant view. I was admitted in this hospital for a skin graft in 1967. 1926 : Plans were drawn up for a British military base in Changi. It is not the hospital that has become a hotel, it is the old Commando Barracks (which I believe was part of the same estate as the hospital ) on the corner of Hendon Road and Netheravon Road that has been renovated into a hotel. Old Changi Hospital is a restricted access site and hence participants will not be allowed to venture into the hospital itself. But I am very upset because when I see from YouTube even though people take from outside the hospital the hospital can see clearly and today when I saw most of trees and bushes covered the whole buildings and staircase even worse only can see the name CHANGI HOSPITAL clearly which is written at the building. Dad and Mom and I (6 months old) left S’pore at the end of 1952, so a bit before your time. He was very good to me. I went there as outpatient in 1995 during saf time. With the state of some of the stairs and hallways, you could get badly hurt by going in there in the dark. I am very keen to see where I was born, but would only go there in the day with permission- so I’ll try with the authorities first. Perhaps I will be able to stay there for my 50th birthday, back to where life started for me lol. After reading this article (and the one about old TTSH), the old Youngberg Hospital came to mind. Hope to get an update on the hospital after the bidding stops in October. So i suggest you guys better not go in. encounter while visiting Changi Hospital at night a few years ago. Religion explain their visions as paranormal sightings. 2010 : The three-year lease ran out without any development at the site. 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For all the commentators here who lived in Singapore before, you may be interested to know that it’s just become a boutique hotel: Old Changi Hospital has not been converted into a hotel. Was born there 29th Oct 1955 and while I have been on the outside, would love to see inside before they do anything. There are even rumours that Japanese Secret Police used a torture chamber at Old Changi to gain information from the prisoners. Want more abandoned places? This arrangement lasted until 15 December 1997, when Changi Hospital was merged with Toa Payoh Hospital to form Changi General Hospital, after which, the old hospital ceased operations and was left empty ever since. There is no such thing as spirits or ghost. Wally Harmer, Like to visit there…. Anyway, it was great fun time. Shortly after its abandonment, the derelict building became one of the most popular spots in Singapore for ghost sightings. I ended with a Alamak! Singaporeans value respect and politeness, so please go through proper channels and you will be treated well. We thought it would make a fabulous hotel! I suggest you bunch who are located outside of Singapore to make a trip down real soon. Not another one born, every minute. Maybe as we are both Taurus we will make it one day. “Old Changi Hospital” redirects here. But all very interesting but really cant wait to see for myself….hopefully. Thanks BUT how do I get access? Sally. , So would I. Wow, that was quick, we was only there last May and it didn’t look like they had even started to work on it then . Maybe that’s why you couldn’t see my comment. The hospital became part of a prison camp. I love seeking out old places in S'pore, where the scarcity of land and rapid development often means the destruction of the old to make way for the new. My frens and i went in big groups, and even so, one could not shake off the uneasy feeling when we were in there. Thereafter he made his way down and out of the place,,,,, It was sheer madness! Hope not. Old Changi Hospital. The fences can be cut off went in but there is a really bad filin so I got out,to be safe. The Hospital was built in 1935 to complement other installations in Changi, which was then a military base to defend the eastern coastal side of… Not at ALL creepy. On the left of where this fence/barrier is where the mortuary is (should be demolished around 2000). My father was in the RAF and he was based there during that time. regards Elaine. In 1990 my father, husband and myself visited Singapore again and even though I don’t really remember my time there my father kept commenting how much the island had changed (for the better) and now we are hooked Since then we have returned 4 more times and plan to go again soon. God have mercy on those poor souls there. I was just kidding about my swearing. My husband was army and we lived in Pasir Panjang – Wessex Estate. Great times then. Hi, I knew someone who did just tat… himself! Or can I just enter myself? 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Besides just being a normal functioning hospital, OCH was more importantly the site where traumatic tortures occurred during WW2. Singapore’s Favourite Mascots.. How Many Do You Remember? Are either of you on facebook? I also want to get Early Bird Books newsletter featuring book deals, recommendations, and giveaways. some graffity artist might know how to get in there , but intermediate pakour skills will help . I am so glad that you made it and it sounds as if it is not so difficult to get permission to visit. Trish, I have joined SingaporeVR on Facebook for brilliant panoramic pics of Singapore today, Gail, sorry, didn’t see this until now. As the hospital was situated on a hill, the healthcare personnel as well as the patients found it difficult to access various blocks (Block 24, 37 and 161) using the steep flights of stairs. I was only 18 months old when my father was posted back to the UK so I’ve no memories of the place . After the war, the British regained possession of the hospital. You’re welcome! Old Changi Hospital Today This led to the Old Changi Hospital being vacant to this day. I was admitted into SAF ward back in July 1995, located at 3rd (or 4th) level of one of low buildings. But still, i miss “adventure” to this place during night time. That would be a great way to share pictures. 1945 : The Japanese Occupation ended and the site reverted to being a British military base. If only you have shown me earlier , we have already booked our next trip to Singapore for this May but I will defiantly consider it next time. Wonderful photographs, thank you for posting them. When in there few years back. Singaporeans are a very law-abiding people and it is important as visitors to respect the rules that are put into place for our protection. Lots of photos though. I visited in 2009 and entered the building, it was full of broken glass and broken fittings. If you follow the main road through Changi Village and keep walking, past the gated entrance to the SAF Changi Chalets, on your left you will see the set of stairs leading steeply up to the main entrance to the lower block (as pictured in the first and second photos on this page) At least you can view it from the street. I had sent an e-mail to see if it was possible to have a tour but was told Would really love to explore the place:), I went through the Singapore tourism board and they put me in contact with the right people at the time. B. 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Changi Hospital was a former hospital located in Changi, Singapore. The Hospital was built in 1935 to complement other installations in Changi, which was then a military base to defend the eastern coastal side of the Johor Strait. I have a few problems. If you really love old buildings, its an art. Me, I’m not too sure I would be too keen on staying there, not just yet, LOL. It really was dangerous to go in. There would be around 5-6 persons climbing up or down at any moment during daytime. Went back there again, for a graft to correct the original mess. , people beleive that the old changi hospital is haunted. Can I go in without permit since I’ve been seeing people going in at night and they say there’s no permit needed. His Mum says we must go with him to make sure he is settled in OK. Who am I to argue. In 2006, Singapore Land Authority (SLA) invited private investments to develop the hospital. It will be my first trip back to Singapore in 60 years. Thank you for your help, I have E-mailed them and will let you know how I got on. The hospital was captured by the Japanese forces during World War II, and was used as a healthcare facility for the prisoners-of-war detained at the Changi military base nearby. Hello there, may I say what a fantastic opportunity it will be for your son to study in Singapore and you have got to make the trip as well. It stayed as such until the Japanese occupied Singapore between 1942 and 1945, the later years of World War 2. Let us know if you get to go!! They have alarms set up. , Hi Linda and those who have replied- many thanks! History. One of the best afternoons I’ve ever had was when I introduced my Mum to Google earth on my 42″ monitor . Then I realize, maybe you can dedicate an article (or two) to the healthcare history of Singapore. "Old Changi Hospital" redirects here. On this date, Changi Hospital was merged with Toa Payoh Hospital to create what came to be known as Changi General Hospital. I think SAF might have used Changi hospital as a spiritual asylum for those who encounter ghost. Old Changi Hospital, located along Halton Road was constructed by British forces in the 1930s as part of the RAF Changi military base. The forgotten hospital was vacated once more.
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