Watch this video to see the key features and benefits of the Micro Motion ELITE CMFS Coriolis flow sensor platform. A fluid temperature sensor is located on the upstream side of the glass tube which forms the flow path, and a heater sensor is located on the downstream side. Why choose us. PC Control with signal smoothing; User can calibrate the meter for different liquid types; Units can be stacked to measure multiple fluid streams; Available in Four Flow Rate Models; Nano 20-7000 nL/min Micro 1-80 microL/min Milli 30 … Personnel in charge of the design, manufacture, operation, or maintenance of equipment that incorporates this device should read this manual thoroughly. CP-SP-1421E This manual. Advantages: No internal moving parts Unaffected by fluid viscosity and density Highly accurate Saves time Sensirion's liquid flow meters establish new standards wherever monitoring of low liquid flow rates, liquid handling, and liquid dispensing is important. A diagram of the measure-ment principle is shown in figure 2. Micro liquid turbine flow meter sensor high precision supporting liquid lcd display measuring the flow and flow rate of pure liquid . Dialflow Meter; Pressure Regulator; OASIS; Hose Assemblies; Domiciliary Oxygen Switch; Microflow. Liquid Flow Meter for Very Low Flow Rates Model 109 Series Micro-Liquid Thermal Mass FLO-SENSORS APPLICATION IDEAS Monitoring sample input or output rates for analysis equipment Chemical injection or dosing verification Leak testing STANDARD LIQUID. Clamp-on Flow Meter. The accurate measurement of micro flow is common in many manufacturing industries. MICRO FLOW INSTRUMENTS. 8 models to choose from - ranging from .3 to 238 gpm. Explore the ELITE CMFS Flow Meter. Threaded Micro Flow Meter; Plug-in Liquid At Room Temperature; Threaded Liquid At Room Temperature; Flange Type Liquid At Room Temperature; WHY CHOOSE US. Learn more. Since microfluidics are quite recent, we will see that many flow-sensing technologies are not yet well adapted.. Achieve more precise mixes of chemicals while improving your inventory control. Many sensor technologies can be used. Our magnetic flowmeters represent the current state-of-the-art in accuracy for liquid flow measurement. Electro Magnetic Flow Meter; Turbine Flow Meter; Water Meter; Download Product Catalogue; Contact us; Welcome to our Website. This flowmeter combines state-of-the-art Coriolis technology with unparalleled accuracy and diagnostics. In the accurate measurement of small flow meter motor selection, there are a number of key points to note. Liquid Monitor The FlowMate is a simple to operate, highly accurate, liquid flow monitor. G Series Micro Flow Meter. US $59.90-$125.00 / Piece 1 Piece (Min. Regular and irregular return visits to users . This nozzle is sized according to the flow range of the unit. A simple to realise micro-liquid flow sensor with high sensitivity is presented. Professional development The company has strong technical force, … About 52% of these are Flow Meters, 0% are Levels. A wide variety of micro liquid flow meter options are available to you, such as type. As flow passes through the meter, it is directed onto the very small teeth of the wheel using a precision-machined nozzle. Differential Pressure Sensors. Applications in fields like medical devices, diagnostics as well as process and automation technology benefit daily from our safe and reliable sensor solutions. Model and experimental results agree well. This manual describes the hardware and all functions of the F7M. Shanghai JSN Micro Flow Meter CO.,LTD as a high-tech industrial products manufacturing and complete sets of product sales, R & D, production, processing and sales as one, with independent import and export rights of enterprises. Micro Motion® LF-Series Low Flow Sensor and Transmitter 3 Liquid flow rates Gas flow rates Liquid and gas performance Mass Volume(1) (1) Volume measurement is based on a process-fluid density of 1 g/cm 3 (1000 kg/m3).For fluids with density other than 1 g/cm 3, the volumetric flow rate equals the maximum mass flow rate divided by the fluid’s density. Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M User’s Manual Manual No. LC-M Series Micro oval Gear flow meter can detect ultra mini liquid flow as low as 0.5 ml/min, but can still keep accuracy as high as 0.5%F.S, It is a kind of positive displacement flow meter for precise flow measurement of mini or low flow liquid, the liquid include chemical, sealant, toluene, glue, detergents, grease, electrolyte, ethylene, additive, syrup, acryiat-composite.,etc . KEYENCE's FD-R Series Clamp-on Flow Meter is designed for pipes as large as 8". Elveflow's Microfluidic Flow Rate Sensor uses thermal time-of-flight technology to flow rates in micro-size channels. The Thermal Advantage: Thermal mass flow technology is an industry standard for mass flow control of gases because it measures micro flow directly, at the molecular level. Selection of micro liquid flowmeter. µ-FLOW digital Liquid Flow Meters/Controllers for low flow ranges operate on a thermal, through-flow measuring principle.The instruments are equipped with a digital pc-board, featuring self-diagnostics, alarm and counter functions, digital communication (RS232) and a variety of fieldbus options. Simple setup and calibration Monitors flow information in English or metric units Easy to integrate into your system; many sizes of compatible flowmeters available Selection of micro liquid flowmeter. Digital gas mass flowmeter. Coriolis flow meters are extremely important in a multitude of flow-measurement applications. This sensor sit in line with your water line, and uses a pinwheel sensor to measure how much liquid has moved through it. Oval gear Flowmeter from stainless steel, Aluminum PP or PVDF . M5.2-SS Low Volume Flow Meter JSN low volume flow meter made by Siemens engineer,the top 10 to produce micro flow … Wholesale high precision hygienic turbine flow meters,micro flow meter at µ-FLOW Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for Liquids Measurement / Control of Ultra Low Flow Rates. it can measure strong aggressive and corrosive liquid, such as HCL, H₂SO₄, caustic soda, Phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid (HF acid),nitric acid.,etc, however it can also measure water, it is a kind of micro water flow meter. Suitable for flow measurement of various low-flow liquids. Liquid Flow Meter for Very Low Flow Rates Model 109 Series Micro-Liquid Thermal Mass FLO-SENSORS APPLICATION IDEAS Monitoring sample input or output rates for analysis equipment Chemical injection or dosing verification Leak testing STANDARD LIQUID. Coriolis meters have a wide, dynamic range due to the linear nature of the signal created while measuring flow. Product SKU: Micro Flow Meter Product Brand: Sino-Inst Product Currency: USD Product Price: 500 Price Valid Until: 2059-09-30 Product In-Stock: InStock An analytical model for the sensor behaviour applicable for gas/liquid fluids is presented. Learn how a Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter measures mass flow and density. V8 Fuel flow meter. In essence, our meters count and control every gas molecule flowing through the instrument to achieve unmatched precision. DN4-DN10. Installation is easy and requires only a screwdriver. Digital gas mass flow controller. . The realisation process of the sensor is described. A wide variety of flowmeter for micro liquid options are available to you, such as warranty, type, and customized support.
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