Our recipes include damson gin, damson jam, spiced cheese, damson crumble and more. As they are bigger you would need to put them into a larger Le Parfait jar ... Nigel Slater uses damsons for various marinades. larder_review.jpg. It is a delicious dish and we have made the pancakes several times since then. I never quite got Nigel Slater’s ongoing obsession with it! Jun 7, 2018 - Dig into one of our damson recipes including damson custard tartlets, a damson and apple cheese or damson fool with macaroon fingers. After doing some research online I discovered that there was this Nigel Slater recipe for chocolate damson cake. ... damson gin, so that, like us, it will be ready to drink by Christmas. I am lucky enough to have a thorn covered Damson tree in … For a delicious late-summer sweet treat, soak some plums in sugar and pop them in the fridge. Dear Nigel, ... damson gin, so that, like us, it will be ready to drink by Christmas. 3. (Photographs by Jonathan Lovekin) By Gardenista.com. Reply. Letters to Nigel Slater Sunday, 2 December 2018. For you, it is a pile of damsons in a basket at the greengrocer's. I'm only here cos I got on the wrong bus. As pp said, sloes are from Blackthorn, so good for sloe gin/vodka ... damsons then! https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/ingredients/damson-recipes 60ml/2fl oz sloe or damson gin (optional) Method 1. I haven’t tried this with the damson gin but return in a years’ time for our review. … Starting with the cover -- a photo of juicy baked apricots in a syrup of lemon verbena, star anise and vanilla pods that makes you pine for late-summer stone-fruit season. Use the amount above to start your sloe or damson gin and then every couple of months take a tiny sip. https://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/collections/damson-recipes Bottle up a taste of autumn with our homemade damson gin. Nigel Slater's classic meringue recipe. RectorsHusband on November 20, 2016 at 9:59 am Unfortunately if it smells & tastes like vinegar then it’s turned. For the more adventurous, make a plum sauce - perfect for duck pancakesCoffee is always the first thing to pass my lips in the morning. An Eat Your Books index lists the main ingredients and does not include 'store-cupboard ingredients' (salt, pepper, oil, flour, etc.) Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5. Damson gin is very easy to make - all you need are some damsons, gin and caster sugar 1 Damsons, sometimes known as damson plums or damascene, are small, dark purple fruit that are usually ripe from late August to early October and are at their best during September. Thank you so much - I thought looking at the leaves and fruit online would work but got me more confused. Nigel Slater has a ... Sloes won't be ready until much later in the year. Ready in time for Christmas it makes a wonderful present (fancy bottles and labels can be bought on-line) and, mixed with tonic, the colour is extraordinary. For us, the Christmas baubles of blue and purple dotted at random over a tree. Spread the damsons over the base of a 2 litre/3½ pint shallow ovenproof dish and sprinkle with the caster sugar. Place the cream in a small pot & heat until just before boiling point, remove from the heat & drizzle over the egg & sugar mixture with processor still running. When we bought the cottage we were lucky enough to acquire an old damson tree. https://www.allotment-garden.org/recipe/1414/damson-gin-recipe Mature Fruiter. - at least that is my understanding. The recipe can also be used to make damson vodka 30 mins . Bring to boil, lower ht, simmer 15 mn.” “Damson compote for an autumn day 500g damsons 75g sugar 6tbsp gin or sloe gin. Roughly chop the nuts and dried fruit then add to a food processor along with the … The U.S. edition of Nigel Slater's latest cookbook, "Ripe: A Cook in the Orchard," is pretty irresistible. Ok, so now you’re wondering, what does that mean - what’s the difference between gin and sloe gin?And what does sloe gin taste like?. And, today, a dish of. Place the egg yolks & sugar in the bowl of a food processor & mix until pale & creamy. Damson gin is the Rolls Royce of flavoured gins. Whilst venturing, we found a damson tree in a local park literally five minutes from our house. Damson gin. I first heard about it when Rose blogged that her family made their own Damson Gin at the end of the Summer. Damson Gin is something that is new to me this year, I’m very excited about, but I must admit to never having tasted, though you make it in exactly the same way you do Sloe Gin. Always check the publication for a full list of ingredients. “Duck fat is worth the occasional extravagance, and nowhere does it work better than with potatoes.” To punctuate this, the griddled duck breasts are first marinated with damson or sloe gin, sherry vinegar, brown sugar, and juniper berries. See more … His cookery books are inspirational and his autobiography Toast is wonderfully written. Don’t kill the liqueur with too much sugar at the start. 2. Well, while gin is made from distilling a base spirit with juniper and additional herbs and spices to create a clear spirit that’s about 40% alcohol, sloe gin is made by combining an existing gin with lots of sugar and sloe berries. Tags: None. Method. theordinarycook | September 8, 2012 at 12:15 pm | Reply. We picked a few as they weren’t all ripe and I made a mental note to return. Put the wine in a saucepan with the orange, sugar, bayleaf and the spices. We had an excellent damson harvest this year from our little tree, still recovering from being moved two years ago from its cosy, tucked-in-next-to-the-fence-out-of-the-breeze spot to the middle of the garden with all the wind, pigeons and squirrels. I read Nigel's books cover to cover. This has reminded me, I really need to crack on and actually make some ice-cream (otherwise Mrs VBB may send my ice-cream maker to the great gadget shop in the sky). Also damson gin in a marinade for duck. - unless called for in significant quantity. Off the heat, stir in the sloe or damson gin if you are using it. Join Date: … But it was Nigel's suggestion to add a slug of Doc's damson gin that made all the difference. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. This has evolved beautifully into a very graceful wine The nose is very ripe with an overwhelming damson character and a little spice. The trunk and branches were mossy and gnarled and, come autumn, it turned out that the fruit wasn’t great either. For you, it is a pile of damsons in a basket at the greengrocer's. Fortunately I did, the recipe is in Kitchen Diaries II, his most recent publication to date. https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/grow-your-own/recipes/damson-jam making Chocolate dipped fruit and nut flapjacks; Turn the oven on to 180C/350F/Gas 4. The Remarkable Rise of Le Pin But sloe gin is a finished spirit, which is basically just being flavoured by the sloes, kind of like adding cordial to water. March of The Mince Pies. Damson gin, juniper berries, sherry vinegar, brown sugar. Forget foraging for sloe berries this autumn because this year is all about damson gin. Gin sales hit a whopping £1 million a day… with Brits drinking 19 million litres in just one year Damson ice cream (nigel slater) Damson curd (variation on nigellas cranberry curd) Damson cobbler (BBC) Damson Gin (NS) Damson Jam (HFW) Any others? To make damson gin, prick 1lb damsons with a pin, put in a large jar and add a bottle of gin ( or vodka – we make both) and add 4 to 6 oz sugar. His I’m trying to make damson port I followed the instructions on this site just wondering should it smell and taste like vinegar . Duck breasts with damson gin and duck-fat potatoes. Place all of the ingredients, except the vinegar, into a pan and simmer for 15 minutes; Add the vinegar and continue to simmer gently for an hour Put a lid on and shake well for about a week then store somewhere dark and cold for 2-3 months until Christmas and strain and bottle. The true damson is small and oval, almost almond-shaped, with dark indigo-purple skin, covered in a soft bloom and bright-green, sharp-sour flesh that when cooked with sugar, produces darker, reddish-purple juice. Gooseberries and cuck breasts with damson gin and duck-fat potatoes. MORE: The best UK vineyards where you can sample some delicious English sparkling wine If you want to share the love, this The gin and the damsons were destined to meet and (I hope) over the next few months become the best of friends. For us, the Christmas baubles of blue and purple dotted at random over a tree. Taste to see if you want the wine sweeter, and add more sugar to taste. 4. Stir a thick fruit purée, such as blackcurrant or damson into the meringue mixture. First to flower, last to harvest. The flavour matures and improves over time. A good damson gin can be made from ordinary damsons available in the shops. 11 ratings 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Well lucky me, as I spotted a tweet by same lady to Nigel Slater, mentioning his chocolate damson cake, so off I went hoping that I had the Nigel Slater recipe in my collection of his cookery books. Max. Letters to Nigel Slater Wednesday, 19 June 2019 'Greenfeast' and Gooseberries. regards james. Googleable. Damson gin is also good. Above: Cookery writer Nigel Slater. Adding almond essence to sloe gin lifts it from good to great. The secret of the damson’s utter charm is that because … mothhawk. (have to confess that gin is not a favourite of mine, but sloe gin is delicious )
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