I personally don’t believe it . valk=high and fast cast cc damage + dark cannon ball = MVP in pRO (low rate 99/70) i can kill thana alone in an open field using snares..however, there’s a chance that thana will tele…but before that, someone must kill that odium for me..xP. The Clown will Bragis and everyone will get in and start using Acid Demonstration on Ifrit until it dies, its hp is 7 million so it’ll take a while, and a lot of fire acid bottles. (Those who do not die a warrior's death are sent to Hel instead.) your strategies are wht expected from a genius!! The really core items which are not too expensive for tanking valk is any temporal boots with Muscle Fool's enchant, Alice carded shield (immune shield recommended), and Angeling armor/or that OCP holy armor (will require FCP). Sorry if the Plans are a bit complicated cause I suck at explaning.. anyway if theres any MVP you can’t kill i’m happy to tell you how if I killed once…, Filed under: How to ..., Other RO Writings, Tips & Tricks, nice guide :D. love it seriusly. :S. Yeah, the only problems are the salamanders, kasa and guardians. it removes the MS of our sura... so im thinking of reducing the damage as low as possible. nak kill thana senang jer.pakai 3 sniper dan 1 high priest.tats all.tapi quest susah nak mampus.keh3.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoJYcu9vWTQ&feature=related, you think you can kill ifrit with 7-11 people Thanatos / Memory of Thanatos (thana_boss01). im excited to do all that were suggested. With the right equipment the Champion will only get hit by the Valkyrie Randgris’s attack about 300-600 (hasn’t berserked yet). It ain’t hard as long as the person who steps on the circle mark is the champion with steel body status and a alice card. he will die in estimated 2 hours XD, lolz….if some ppl said they can kill these mvp alone in 5 min or so.. better shut up if ur server not 99/70 server…i can take those mvp easily alone in less than 7 secs if not in 99/70..LMAO, i kill MVP solo i dont have so much frends the only help i can get is from my dad with a 1000 lvl wizard :), on renewal, morocc can be killed with any good dps with a sorc… Diamond Dust FTW, For ifrit we just do it with a hw under devotion from pala and a high priest…. NOTE 1: Salamanders, Sword Guardians, Kasa and Archer Guardian have big damage and they are annoying if they’re around when your fightning ifrit, so just kill them before you kill ifrit. finally we defeated Ifrit of ET. im AB and i saw how fast it moved toward the backline. Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is an innovative, retelling of the classic Ragnarok Online story. 7 Topics 7 Posts Last post Migration Assistance Monster ID 1751 Sprite RANDGRIS kRO Name Valkyrie Randgris Custom 1 High Wizard / Wizard with Icewall lvl 5-10 if possible. Use Lex Atherna on the Valkyrie Randgris coz if he uses assumptio the damage of acid demonstration will only be 11k and that sucks. Valkyrie's favorite Sunday fighting hat. Kasa’s fireball can damage up to 10k when your not using Pasana Card or Flame armor. It is a self targetted spell on the MvP itself, so the only way to block it is by using a GTB card, since earthquake is magic based. Simply use acid demonstration on the Thanathos until it dies, probably 5-10 acids and its dead. Use a bait to take dispel. The Priests job is to heal the Champion if it gets stunned. the one for ifrit is it realy that easy?? Those who die in battle may have their spirits sent to the great hall Valhalla with the aid of a valkyrie. Ragnarok Online Valkyrie. 4. His earthquake drove me crazy, my party couldn’t kill it for two hours straight because of it. Coz before it dies it’ll probably teleport 2 times if your lucky, and 5 to 7 times if your unlucky !! They have it, they use it, they can kill her. what the hell thanatos can dead with AcidDemon…. 0 Dodge 95% ~ 323 Hit 100% ~ 332 Rango 1 celdas valk=high and fast cast cc damage + dark cannon ball = MVP. The only problem with the above methods for us is when we icewall ifrit he tele’s. Where to find Valkyrie Randgris. Topics. After you kill all 5 monsters, go to twelve o clock. and i am on first platform. One HP Recovery spams the HW Level: 141: HP: 3,205,000: Base Experience: 13,000,000: Base Exp per HP: 4.056 Job Experience: 11,000,000: Job Exp per HP: 3.432 Exp Ratio: 1.182 : 1 Loading... Unsubscribe from Munbalance? 1 Paladin Lvl 95-99 with good defense equipments, 1 Proffesor Lvl 80-99 with Land Protector lvl 1-5. but , by you return , maybe some other teams have pick it up . 1 Clown Lvl 70-99 (doesn’t matter as long as it has “Bragis Poem”. Why dont give Dragon Breath make some damage to Valkyrie Randgris? by Randgris » Sun May 31, 2020 1:16 pm. Experience Ragnarok Online in a familiar, yet entirely unique way. WTF 15 million XD. Regretfull in direzione of tuo large review, still sono simply within truth romantic questo fresh nuovo Zune e expect questo variety di, moreover i superb critiques qualche altro model di innumerable These comprise autore, sarà aid yourself come per un decision se esso è non remedy yourself searching’re per. How would you stop it from teleporting nearly instantly after reflect damage hits? EQ will make snipers die with power up on but keep HP alive so… Res and go go go!! valk=high and fast cast cc damage + dark cannon ball = MVP, Edited by VModCinnamon, 28 March 2017 - 12:06 AM. since MVP allways do tele when reach low HP…, nooh skill yg paling gw sebelin dari MVP..lagi asik2 gebuk..whuialaaah telee dia..wasem poll. Look up Valkyrie Randgris's spawn location on iRO / kRO, spawn amount and spawn time. So one can receive dispell and die and the second sura(already MS'ed) approach VR and tank untill next dispell, giving u plenty of time to ress  the first sura and cast ms  preparing for the second dispell on the second sura and so on! hmmmm. Several functions may not work. It doesn't look much different than the battle helm. kRO – Devotion and in iRO it\’s Sacrifice so it\’s a not different skill the name was just changed by the server, @Pwapwal rare than some mvp’s cards zzz, i believe if i got ghostring card i can solo it easily, maybe i will die few times but sure i can done it in less than 20 mins with ws, then what about Wounded Morroc(correct me if I wrong about his name)? With the Bragis and 3 Biochemist using acid demonstration with no delay on a Valkyrie Randgris with a hp of 6million it’ll die in 3-5minutes (if everything goes according to plan). You’re better running like 85+ def on lord knight or prof (prof is awesome for tanking, energy coat, high def, casts his own safety wall) with angeling or even just running something like mineral for defense, rsx for no knock back, or even like he said in the guide… Holy scrolls. Edited by VModCinnamon, 02 April 2017 - 09:16 AM. now we failed on VR's floor, it seems we cant stand a chance, so im thinking of reducing the damage as low as possible. Valkyrie Randgris: 0.02%: 1 at Odin Shrine 03: Holy 4: 712: 472: Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Initially skeptical aiding the Rune Midgardians, they soon witnessed the chaos of the shroud when Valkyrie Randgris fell victim to the plague. it means that non of the highwiz main skill(SG,heaven drive,MS,LoV) can dmg randgris. you joking . And please notice that you can kill Randgris in 4 min with 3 players, 10 min in duo. 3 topics • Page 1 of 1. Valkyrie Armor Set To create the Valkyrie Armor Set, you would need to collect the materials needed listed below then talk to Fallen Randgris located at the center of Abyss 3 map. The Clowns job is to use Bragis Poem after the Land Protector is set, after that the priests, biochemits and everyone exepct the champion will go on the clowns bragis and start doing its own job. A set of shining white armor worn by Valkyries, the battle maidens that serve the god Odin. REMEMBER: The Champion will not be inside the Professor’s Land Protector, or else safety wall will be useless. MVPs teleport when they get hit by Bio Canibilize Plants, they don’t nessecerrly teleport because of low hp. we went for a 2nd round, the same thing happened. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. Then why the hell it give damage to Valkyrie Randgris? There are twelve altogether, but only nine are involved in the aftermath of the Nightmare's Rift. Having problems? Its faster and cheaper to kill valkyrie randgris with crusader’s reflect and soul linker’s Eske /no1. If she does EQ, go back to ur sura then finish bombing before the 25 sec EQ. Strategy is easy, 1 HP tank with sw, another HP keeps buffs on. I don\’t care about the guide but prove your 4min – 10min against the MVP Valk in a lvl 99 server. For more info bout our server ro.gameflier.com.my, I am on a 5/5/3 server and my guild can kill ifrit with only 5 ppl, HW, Clown, 3xHP. 30s For solo w/ or w/o GTB Gene, just stack a lot of neutral resist + holy armor + thunderproofs. sura has alice shield and holy armor only. Edited by bassman767, 27 March 2017 - 05:43 AM. But if you acid it it’ll hit like 20k damage + which will only take a few bottles…. hope our tanks are enough. lol. Carta Valkyrie Randgris 4407 / Randgris_Card. Only thing that sucks is my Gen will now die to earthquake if I can't kill Valk super fast or dodge it correctly. just do rapid fire CC. Carta Valkyrie Randgris 4407 / Randgris_Card. Yes Sky, I have tried it before. the Wiz has IC with 2 orleans gloves with zerom cards, pasana armor, +9 staff of piercing, so he does around 12k dmg every hit with lex. the more you kill the mobs the easier for VR to be killed. Ifrit is also better to kill with a couple of Hwiz continuosly SGing him, an HP putting safety on the MVP (to avoid mvp’s pneuma), and snipers/biochemist attacking him long range. hum.. when I do thana i do it with: Unless the sura is low lvl with low vit, should have no problem tanking it. Bring some tokens, especially on AB,Gene and Sura. Hope this post helps !! Gene's homu or DB RK is a nice 'sacrifice' here cause mainly DB RK can't do a thing against valk. Sniper that kills. Its holiness, Goodness and integrity are deeply rooted in people's heart. additional question: if a monster is Holy property, its normal(auto attack?) ?hw is useless to kill randgris, coz randgris take no dmg from water ,earth,fire,and wind element. Replies Views Last post; Donation Promo. VALKYRIA RANDGRIS: 2-4 Biochemist Lvl 80-99 with Bazerald if possible. we now have cylinder band to increase damage of cc. Much thanks guys. to answer your question, Sura should not bother about getting any "Gray" items if you're using Angeling(which is cheaper/better than Gray anyways).. After the Ice wall is set, the Proffesor will then Land protect the paladin inside the ice wall including the ifrit. thank you very much for all the information ) we will device a strategy based on the information. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. After you kill the monsters, the boss will spawn. The plan is a champion steel bodying and moving first to the Thanathos, when the thanathos phantom starts attacking the champion the snipers will double strafe it, until the Bios can use Acid Demonstration on it. Then just stringed lexed bomb or shadow ball CC (if you have high enough dmg, like 800k cc with lex), she should be dead before she can cast 2nd dispell if all your lex and ab are hitting the right valk. nice guid eover there, i think ill try it, i was confused by the sacrifice thing but aafter knowing the iRo name i understood. Gathering Ragnarok Online is an online role-playing game with fast-paced action combat, a rich and detailed universe of stories, ... E_RANDGRIS kRO Name Valkyrie Randgris Custom No iRO Name Valkyrie Randgris1 HP 2,205,000 Size Large SP 0 Race Angel Level 141 Element Holy (Lv 4) Speed 100 Experience 100,500 and if you mention the champ can reach 999k ( i dunno if that really possible on 99/70 server . Valkyrie Randgris Card $ 2.50. this earthquake hmm really hurts…specially on small party.. dont forget this one …teleport!! Switch to GTB around the 1m mark then switch back to Alice Shield. Make an account and play for free today! Atleast, this is how it should work. easy to kill wounded , but needs a lots of time , just use reflect paladin and eske SL + 2 HP with evil druid card . Salamander’s sonic blow damage total approximately 10k to a full equipped high priest with assumtio. then thunderproof pots. please suggest what we can do ) and maybe strategy too. 0 Job Exp. Its existence is to protect the world from being invaded by devils. Hope this helps ppl. PS. Valk rand is way better to do with AK bow snipers just because of the farming and creation of acid bottles. - Experience wizard player once wizard dies whole team dies Then you need all the Fragments, Fragment of Misery, Hatred etc. we dont have deviling yet , so we will do the 2 sura strategy. I always use +14 Palace Guard, 3D Glasses, +9 Devi HBP/FAW, +12 Holy Hero Trade Mail. than just escape, using storm gust and trying to lock with the sniper (no ds). The Champion will get hit around 4000-6000 damage but that is all. @Antimage ehehe. 2. Configuración: 1x/1x/1x (Renewal) | Editar. The Paladin uses Devotion on the Champion, Sacrifice is a different skill that deals damage by sacrificing health. i read VR has Holy Attribute Attack... and im not sure if the skill makes the skills holy property. That’s what I call a BAD guide. is Gray Robe, Gray Helmet, Boots of Gray, and Cloak of Gray useful against VR? @ MoGY WTF, look at that group, you don\’t hell need a champion for ashura or snipers to DS the ifrit, its unessecary, plus i don\’t even see a clown there, one acid demonstration can do 10k damage ++ with bragis poem there, no delay, in 20 if ever 0.1-0.5 seconds you can inflict 10-20k damage how much damage will 20 seconds do? hmm, i think it’s impossible to kill memory of thanatos with bioalchemist, .cos they are ghost elemen…the damage of Acid Demon should be miss. @OMFG Thx for your suggestion, good idea, but then again, how are you gonna withstand it’s earthquake, when his hp is 20% it uses earthquake which will probably do 20-30 thousand damage, also after that it’ll go berserk and attack with crazy damage and crazy aspd. I don\’t really care about the guide but i want to point out somethings, Land Protection does NOT BLOCK EarthQuake it has been proven and it could just be on your server how ever the more people you have on screen the less damage you take from it, @Fatherbrain and Aspd there is a vid somewhere about gene vs randgris solo with no cylinder just cc damage with dark ball and holy armor no gtb and the gene floored randgris with out her doing EQ skill. Read More . She can't dispel both suras withing 10s, her dispel has a 30s cooldown. Valkyrie Randgris: Monstruos del Ragnarok Online. @grim: I still don’t know how you lose so many exp since ifrit is easy if you know to be always at max range between you and him so he doesn’t tele because of offscreen sg or kills you by eq/meteor storm[meteor storm is a joke lol]. Or is this only considered a long range attack if it is at least 4 cells away (safety wall evaluation for long range attacks)? Give my Sura my GTB and Deviling FAW(only have one of each lol). your champ will get dispelled on randgris your ad’s will do 15k damage tops to an mvp with 30 vit which it’ll just heal off for that method to even come close to working you need a GTB card. 3-1 High Priests Lvl 80-99, The more priests the better, since the Valkyrie Randgris can use “Assumptio” the acid demonstrations will only damage about 11k. Wear Holy armor so holy attack doesn't kill you, alice shield will help, deviling will help you last even longer (with Etran even better since LoV doesn't kill you). hold the ifrit 20 minutes with beserk? Dano físico +10%. On low rates, whithout boss cards, whitout cheat…, “The Paladin will Sacrifice the Champion and if the Valkyrie Randgris dispells the champion be sure to Sacrifice the champion once again.”. will verify this with my party... maybe it was 10s from gene to me... but it passed us like a train... coz our suras met VR on the first stair. 500,000 Job Exp. This is not recommended for shared computers. Ragnarok Online Valkyrie. Donate. @grim When your on the 13th floor you need the fragments to make the monster appear. NOTE 2: Kasa’s fireball damage can amount to 5-10k, to prevent death against Kasa’s Fireball use pasana card. For so long i MVP tghe mvp u guys mentioned the most easiest is thanatos> Valkyrie Randgris> Beelzebub+Ifrit Which haven try yet The Champion will be the tanker, handling the Valkyrie Randgrises damage by using “Steel Body”, and a angeling card equipped on its armor or a holy scroll. Sura wears GTB, Deviling and Holy armor to tank. If you want to get a head start against the valkyrie randgris, send your homunculus in front of the champion, and if your lucky the Valkyrie Randgris will dispell the homunculus before it kills it then your Champion will be free from Valkyrie Randgris’s dispell for about 30 seconds at best. if you have holy armor, deviling and alice, you can just tank her once she dispell you, cast MS, mvp when their health is around 100%, mostly they only do auto attack when they are near you, ( for valk, holy light ), 3.5m damage is pretty possible to achieve, what happened to us: suras (2) walked forward, both dispelled and died, went to Gene, then to AB... it happened in less than 10secs, if my estimate is right. why you need 20 minutes? maybe you can return to save point , and return again to kill him . no heal no pot ? He’s actually correct. I dunno bout that, but in my server it works. now we failed on VR's floor, it seems we cant stand a chance. Strategy helps best in such MVPS. Monster details for Randgris. And EQ is indeed CANNOT be negated with Land Protector, that’s why using LP is practically useless (and why suggesting using LP against Ifrit when Ifrit will gladly cast it for you?) so i though we really did something wrong. However it can only heal up to 50% once its below half of its hp. Rune Nifelheim Database Monstruos. 3. Always neutral(non elemental technically). Spear boomerang (in my server) can damage up to 6000 without assumtio on a Biochemist full equipped. theres a tym dat thanatos will be on neutral mode… u cannot hit it with any elemental attack neutral only…. Page 1 of 2 - Nerf Earth Drive - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Hey GM since u can nerf some skills. If you're not aware of this....  you might get wiped again. Monica from the Celestial Land of Valhalla, defeated Randgris and was able to seal her away, never to be seen again. now i need our ET timer to expire. to make it easier we always kill before all the slaves but the little one (who drops helm), since it’s the weaker and has a lot of mdef => can tank storm gust. Enjoy~. Thanatos is really easy => no strategy needed Search ROM items and equipments, Look up monster base experience, job experience, stats, sub stats, location, drops, properties, and other information! Atleast, according to DoddlerRO as well as my server…, IMO, to kill thanatos, use snipers with immaterial arrows should be the best way than ad-ing it… a waste of the bottles, paladin with reflect shield, priest with ressurrection (level 4) and a lot of Blue Gemstones, Soul linker with eske and a wizard with ice wall…, Plan: the ice wall will stop randgris, for example. If anyone walks through Juperos Cave they will get smoked and I feel bad. Take note that one of the materials needed which is the Wrath of Valkyrie is only dropped by Valkyrie Randgris. In my server…earthquake can be avoided using the professor’s LP. The Biochemists job is to use Acid Demonstration on the Valkyrie Randgris while standing on the land protector and bragis poem, however if theirs any anoying monsters bothering just kill them. gene with faw deviling and gtb with palace guard cap 3d glasses and holy armor will do. im confident that it is enough for CC damage. Donate. Land Protector is extremely needed because, without it your whole party will die when the Valkyrie Randgris reaches 20% health left and Earthquakes you, everyone on the screen, i mean everyone, even if your on a cliff or on top of a roof or on a island, as long as you can see the Valkyrie Randgris you will die against its earthquake (unless your using a GTB Card).