as @RickJames tell - BLOB is not a issue, issue it is queries. Please provide more details: SHOW CREATE TABLE; some sample queries; what type of data is involved (eg images); etc. I have a customer database of 85000 customer in MySQL. handle up to 10 million of HTTPS request and mySQL queries a day; store up to 2000 GB file on the hard disk; transfer probably 5000 GB data in and out per month; it runs on PHP and mySQL; have 10 million records in mySQL database, for each record there are 5-10 fields, around 100 bytes each In InnoDB, with a limit on table size of 64 terabytes and a MySQL row-size limit of 65,535 there can be 1,073,741,824 rows. High-Ranking Websites (About 400,000 Visitors Monthly) MySQL can handle basic full text searches. "Blob" is not the issue. Can I combine two 12-2 cables to serve a NEMA 10-30 socket for dryer? > >I know a lot of this also determined by OS/hardware. Hi, How much datas can datatable handle apart from the system configuration. So I just went and bought a case, power supply, dual Athlon MP 1800s, and 2GB of RAM. I would like someone to tell me, from experience, if that is the case. We’ll also look at how to handle multiple time zones and daylight saving time changes. which is somewhat similar to asking “how much data does google handle? Let’s first address some core concepts that will help us understand the underlying complexity of time-related data. my database size in 885 MB now. This is why very nearly every "big data" installation uses some sort of distributed data store. What different methods should I use ? That's less that a gigabyte? Replied 17 May 2006 07:05:41. Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 1:49 am Post subject: How many databases can mysql handle. Thank you very much. For many beginner Data Scientists, data types aren’t given much thought. Being said that, if you can configure server with advanced server techniques, host WP in a good managed server, optimized database load and queries then WP can handle as many members as you want. New Topic. Does, it all depends on your hardware, technically the MyISAM table type can, Depends on OS, memory, disk space. This helps, but only so much… I’m going to illustrate the anatomy of a MySQL catastrophe. Zhu George-CZZ010 wrote: Zhu George-CZZ010 wrote: Colin Faber MySQL Server; 11 Comments. I know a lot of this also determined by OS/hardware. The amount of web traffic that SQLite can handle depends on how heavily the website uses its database. In other words, the server resource usage of any MySQL queries you perform is counted toward your resource limits, just like the usage of the script itself. Comments are closed. Was there an anomaly during SN8's ascent which later led to the crash? We are curreltly using Oracle 8i but the cost has driven us to look at alternatives. MySQL can handle a terabyte or more. MySQL could handle 10 blobs in each of 10 million rows. you can expect mysql to handle a few hundred/thousands of the latter per second on commodity hardware. One of our clients has asked us to export their data so they can cross-reference it in SQL Server. This columnar model makes the TDE very efficient for reading operations, i.e., data can be read and processed much faster than that in row-based databases. (If I sort servers by how much data they host, the middle value is 219GB.) Henrique Pantarotto: 12 Mar • Re: How large a database can mySQL handle? Although appertaining to large volumes of data management, Hadoop and Spark are known to perform operations and handle data differently. (2 replies) I want to quickly ask if MySql can handle large data like 10 – 20 million rows in one database (e.g member table) The question came to my mind is, How did large website like Yahoo handle such data? ikeo. I have read many articles that say that MySQL handles as good or better than Oracle. Blob data will have size near 2Kb. (3) Set specific data types for each column. We are thinking to go with laravel. You can spend 8 times as much money building one super amazing computer to run your DB, but if you have a lot of data that can be scanned in parallel, you're almost always better off distributing the load across the 8 cheaper computers. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. or sql mysql is better . Therefore you need to consider limitations and potential known issues of the persistence layer in question. Hello. Yahoo users may be more than 20 millions users or so. As for "performance issues", that's a question of what indexes you have, what queries you have, etc. Please provide more details: SHOW CREATE TABLE; some sample queries; what type of data is involved (eg images); etc. Hi Is mysql capable of handling joins on really large tables? Database locks can broadly be divided into data locks (caused by SQL DML) and meta-data locks (caused by SQL DDL). Does anyone have any estimation or hands-on experience? (MySQL/InnoDB is quite good at avoiding locks due to its multi-version concurrency control, MVCC). Thanks for contributing an answer to Database Administrators Stack Exchange! If you have large file support in, and have the RAM/cpu to support it, you can FAR exceed that. MySQL Forums Forum List » InnoDB. What is the difference between MySQL VARCHAR and TEXT data types? Name of this lyrical device comparing oneself to something that's described by the same word, but in another sense of the word? This data was first retrieved on February 12, 2011. Any information with regards to this would be of use. Ben9000. MySQL does a reasonably good job at retrieving data from individual tables when the data is properly indexed. blob would have pdf and word files, queries would be select and insert. Yahoo users may be more than 20 millions users or so. andieje asked on 2010-11-17. Specifically, the sum of the data_length and index_length columns gives us the total table size. "Blob" is not the issue. [PHP] [Browser] how much data can a browser handle in a