The water tank is also equipped with LED lighting, which lights up in seven different colours with the light button – a nice gimmick. Even though I have central air, my home office gets stuffy...this little fan helps move some air as long as it is pointed straight at me and isn't very far away. But, a refrigerant-based system goes beyond just that. The ad says that it can cool a room down. No, it is not going to cool off my entire living room or the entire bedroom during hot spells. The ultra-version of Arctic Air differs in the design which the latest version is a smaller and has an adjustable vent. So I thought about it and bought two of them for the truck. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Romance, Action, Family drama, culture and nature. There was no air cooling around the room in any direction. It's ok...I would recommend to a friend who understands that it is not an air conditioner! Is Arctic Air Ultra Pro Legit [] Read Full Review >> This article is all about an air cooler that acts as a personal cooler and gets to know all things about it.. Do you want to buy some cooling device that can give you comfort at a reasonable price? Got hot when it did run out of water. While the Arctic Air will cool you off if you're sitting right in front of it, it shouldn't be used to cool down an entire room. You can use the cooler in any room of up to 45 square feet to enjoy the maximum benefits, though you’ll find some relief when you use the unit in a larger room too. If it can't cool down a truck cab how can it cool down a whole room like it says? Here is our Arctic Air review. The fan of the air conditioning system can be adjusted in three stages using the fan button. When I took it out of the package the little vents were broken and had fallen off. I followed instructions. Give this a try to hang on to this device before tossing it. It has a tank inside that you will with water and a filter. It really did nothing to cool the air - I could easily get the same cooling result from a dollar store hand fan. The official site offers the Arctic Air Personal Cooler in three packages: While we recommend the Arctic Air Ultra for most shoppers, we want you to feel confident before clicking on any of the provided links. So neither one works as it was described to, 8 hours before having to add water again. Help anderen en geef jouw mening over dit product. Arctic Breeze is a lightweight or let me say a very portable air conditioner system which stands out among so many out there in the market in terms of its function and satisfaction.. I was wary of purchasing the Arctic Air because of the mixed reviews, but I felt it was worth a try for an enclosed space that measures 48"L*33"H*29"W. Sure enough it works for my intended purpose so far. Arctic Air Ultra is a highly portable evaporating air cooling unit that promises to cool your home efficiently in summer, for up to 10 hours with the use of a water tank that turns the hot air cold. Final Arctic Air Ultra Review. At first I put water in the receptacle on top and turned it on - air blows but not very cool...EVERY time you so much as touch the vanes in front, they fall out of their holders. I will also be using Arctic Air when temps are in the high 70's and 80's, so I thought I'd have this handy-dandy little Arctic Air just for those times. While you can run a window AC or the AC in an HVAC system, you’ll find that your utility bills skyrocket. 99 Portable Personal Air Cooler - Mini Table Air Conditioner Fan with Icebox, USB Desk Fan with 3 Speeds, Evaporative Air Cooler for Home, Office, Air Humidifier, Night Light, Quiet (White) 2.5 out of 5 stars 50 I wouldn't recommend this to anyone trying to find a cool place. Bought one at Bed Bath & Beyond after being bombarded with the TV commercials. It leaks - thank goodness I didn't set it on a wooden surface - it only damaged all the papers that I had on the same countertop. If this unit ever breaks, I'll be buying the new Arctic Air Ultra. Arctic Air Ultra is a highly portable evaporating air cooling unit that promises to cool your home efficiently in summer, for up to 10 hours with the use of a water tank that turns the hot air cold. When using it for the first time, you’ll need to make sure that you remove the packaging and locate the filter. Not only does this make it harder for you to put the tank back in the Ultra, but it may lead to spills when you carry it. A swamp cooler can't do this, and is extremely limited to the moisture capacity of the air around it. I would classify the acting slightly above average, the stories quite entertaining and after 5-10 episodes you already feel like part of the family. They are a SCAM. Keep in mind, this thing works best when you are in a low humidity environment. Share your experience to help others discover great products! Anyway, I did that and then put some cold water in the unit (after plugging it in) and then pushed the 'fan' button to the highest (#3) level. You're better off drinking a glass of ice water. © Copyright 2013-2020 HighYa LLC. 1 Arctic Air reviews. Brands: Price:-OK. Free Shipping & Up More. With Adam Beach, Pascale Hutton, Kevin McNulty, Stephen Lobo. I also highly question 250 watts from a USB port, but when making pie in the sky claims... Bought 2 of the units and 1 of them, the water is gone in two, and the other unit never uses much water at all, will last a week. The best way for us to help you decide on this evaporation cooler is with a detailed list of all its pros and cons. Fans are bulky and just blow hot air in your face… The small table air conditioner is so energy friendly and it is operated via micro-USB cable. It’s great for work spaces, caravans, basements, lofts, garages, gyms and more! Maybe (a very small maybe) one could boost performance by super-chilling water in the reservoir in a brine solution, but may cause negative issues, such as loading up the evaporator media with salt, or simply not evaporating at an efficient rate at such low temperatures. It is a 100% scam, use common sense, it does not blow, nor cool. Purchase at your own risk. Arctic Air ULTRA is the improved personal space cooler that turns hot spaces into cool places, keeping you totally comfortable for just pennies a day, now even better with twice the cooling power!Arctic Air Ultra is self-contained and lightweight, so now you can have cool clean air anywhere – a hot kitchen, watching TV, or even in the office. Perfect for me because I am pre-menopausal. You’ll also find that it works as a humidifier to add more moisture to the air around you. From there, the water is drawn into a kind of air filter, the lamellas of which absorb the water and are completely saturated with it after about one minute. My Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner Review (Why I bought 3 of them) Is the Arctic King portable air conditioner any good? Works very well and can cool tent when camping. I can recommend them as an online shopping site. We have a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews, and companies cannot control or alter any reviews at any time. This is NOT an air conditioner (for the idiots), it is a ROOM COOLER! It is a personal space cooler that can cool areas of up to 45 square feet, and the fact that it is compact and lightweight, means that you can use it almost anywhere. Arctic Air takes hot and dry air and makes it cool and moist, without freon or any other toxic coolants. Arctic Air Ultra, As Seen on TV, is an air-cooling device that's purported to be able to cool a room in a similar way to an air conditioner, but while using as little energy as a compact fan. Yes, a few times per year, the temperature in the City skyrockets and I live in the hottest zone...Mission Dolores. When first shown on television, the unit was so popular that more than 500,000 units sold in just six months. Only the control element and the ventilation inlet and outlet are coloured black. ft. area. It did nothing. Arctic Air is a tabletop evaporative cooler that promises to deliver 250 watts of power that can help cool your personal space for up to eight hours, without using any refrigerant. This handy device functions as a personal air conditioner and is incredibly easy to use. They don't send you an invoice statement with the product. It can even runs off a phone charger. Very noisy. De Arctic Air is vernieuwd! Wish it had 2 filters, that way, one can be used with the other still in the freezer, alternate, They con you, these people should be arrested. Arctic Air Ultra lets you create your own personal comfort zone. Items like this have been used since 1932 that I am aware of, and explanation for idiots is as follows: In the depression years, only the very rich could afford air conditioning., HomePolice24 Review: 24/7 Security Sensor Monitoring Device, Bondic Review: Repair Photo Bags & Cords with Bondic, Vigilator Pro Review: Best Wireless Security Camera of 2020, Smart Translator Review – Intelligent Speech Translator for Travellers. Arctic Air is a small portable air cooler which is successful for small rooms cooling. There are a couple of major comes with NO instructions. I paid a full price for two upgraded units, but the rip-off is the EXTRA $19.99 I was charged for a 2nd unit! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for JML Arctic Air – Portable Personal Space Air Cooler, humidifier & purifier at ft. area. The Arctic Air Ultra is released with a new enhanced feature double than the previous. With our Arctic Air review, you’ll get the lowdown on this personal cooler. I was burning up after 4 hours. If you live in an old home, you may need a three-pronged outlet for that unit too. It really won't cool down a room, nor should anyone expect it to. An entire room or a tent cannot be cooled down with the low cooling capacity. The Arctic Air Ultra is the improved version of the Arctic Air Cooler, which was out in the market a year ago. Home, Reviews. It is made of plain, white plastic. Evapolar Pros. I get a great chuckle from the review downers on this item, one young man expected it to keep an aluminum camper very cool in direct sunlight! While a corresponding cable is included in the delivery, a socket adapter is not included. I figure what a deal, I saw two other name brands on TV at 2 for $89 so I figured I'd pick one up for my bathroom. A swamp cooler ADDS humidity to the air. Now, I'm not sure if the Antarctic Air is the cheap cousin to the Arctic Air and if the Arctic Air actually works any better, but regardless, My Belief advertised a product they did not provide and I am very unhappy with their service/product. Arctic Air is a tabletop evaporative cooler that promises to deliver 250 watts of power that can help cool your personal space for up to eight hours, without using any refrigerant. It's so simple to set up and use - just pour water in the tank, plug it in and enjoy! 4 reviews of All Arctic Air "I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. Bought this piece of crap a year ago, gave it a chance, but once again, I was fooled. With our Arctic Air review, you’ll get the lowdown on this personal cooler. The Arctic Air Ultra is released with a new enhanced feature double than the previous. I have been trying to find the purchase on my credit card. Please, pass these very sound words forward, buy a window unit before throwing your hard-earned money away. If I weren't "ok" with my purchase of the Arctic Air Ultra, believe me, I'd say so! How disappointing. The company ad says they will not give you a full refund if the box is open. Arctic Air AR49 is a very popular option in the middle of the refrigerators price range. All you need to do is run the filter under some cold water and insert it inside the unit. The attractive features combined with the 30-day money-back guarantee make it seem like a worthy investment. Read what customers are saying. It did absolutely nothing. It uses an evaporation method that combines the water you use inside with a powerful design to pull heat from the surrounding air and immediately make the area around you feel much cooler. The water, which should be as cold as possible to achieve good results, is led from the water tank into a small basin. So I can't give you an order number. The water stayed COLD and the room behind the family water bucket stayed COOL AND NO ONE CAUGHT A COLD. Arctic Air is the most respected full-service HVAC company in Antelope Valley, California. The problem with this unit is that if you want to make it work correctly you need to have the water tank at the bottom of the unit and have some type of pump that will move the water from the tank to the top of the filter to let the water flow on the filter fins to really provide a true swamp cooler type of portable fan. Here is our Arctic Air review. I did what it told me to do for max cool air - freeze the filters in my freezer and add cold water into the storage. NEW 11210 559pcs City Arctic Sky Air Base Geta Car Airplane Parachute Building Blocks Brick 60210 Toy Christmas birthday Gifts. iSteam Review – Vertical steam iron is Scam? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Arctic Air AR49 54" Two Door Reach-In Refrigerator at Arctic Air is the compact, eco-friendly personal air cooler that pulls warm air from the room and cools and humidifies it! It has 3 speeds vs. 2 speeds. I dozed off and woke up it was 90 degrees in here, cooler anywhere else, as soon as the filter and water heat up it gets hotter and hotter, motor from the fan gives heat and the electric plug is very warm, to put it nicely. The air flowing from the Arctic Air table air conditioner was about 4°-5° C colder than that from the fan. We verloten iedere maand onder alle reviewers 2 x € 250,-. arctic air cooler reviews,arctic air evaporative air cooler reviews,arctic air reviews as seen on tv,arctic air conditioner reviews,arctic air ultra reviews,jml arctic air cooler review,arctic air cooler as seen on tv,does arctic air actually work. It sits on my desk about a foot away from me, and I use it only on extremely hot days when my two conventional window air conditioners in my room aren't cutting it (they are lower-BTU units because I have small windows). On the left … Terrible service and even worse communication." Run, don't walk away from this scam. First I didn't like the character of Bobby. Is Arctic Air Ultra Pro Scam [] Check The Review! Built-in thermostat with programmable timer, LCD display (luminous and simple to read), Not harmful to environment (does not use Freon), Helps you breathe easier and combat cold and flu symptoms, Your bedroom as you relax or sleep at night, The kitchen as you cook on a hot summer day, In a classroom filled with young children or teenagers, The shared area of an RV while you’re on vacation, When you want to stay cool while working at home, One unit for $59.99 plus shipping and handling, Three units for $119.98, which gives you one unit for free when you buy two, Five units for $179.97, which gives you two free units when you buy three. 5 summers ago we had a heatwave in Vancouver, BC. If I could go on every major news network and tell the world about this ripoff I wouldn't hesitate. Arctic Air Review: Does This Lightweight Personal Air Conditioner Really Work? You can look at the pros and cons for yourself. First, you need to have the unit sitting on a flat surface. While some aspects are accurate, he misses completely on others. The Arctic Air Personal Cooler is a nice little alternative that is affordable and won’t lead to an increase in your electric bills. Lees Arctic Air beoordelingen en Arctic Air ratings – Koop betrouwbare Arctic Air op AliExpress! A refrigerant-based system REMOVES humidity from the air. Without a doubt this is best among all air coolers to the fact it does not increase your electricity bill leaving in so much worry on to come up with the money to settle that debt. We looked at dozens of Arctic Air reviews and put the unit through many tests to see how well it performed. I tried for days to contact Arctic Air without any reply. The Arctic Air uses a process called evaporation, which lets it work more effectively than traditional AC units can. Een gratis kijkje achter de schermen bij bedrijven: reviews en salarissen, anoniem geplaatst door werknemers. Hij wordt nooit bij naam genoemd, maar wellicht heb je dit vrolijke blokje uit China op heel veel plekken gezien. 1 reviews voor Arctic Air. I'll definitely be recommending them to all of my family and friends!" Living in Texas, the "inventors" story about creating for his daughter's dorm room that had no A/C just doesn't make's Texas - EVERYthing has A/C. Don't waste your money. You can still buy one of these personal coolers online through the official website, which we listed below in the Resources & Further Reading section. You can also purchase a second device during checkout for an additional $19.99 fee. I bought the Arctic Air Ultra to use it in a semi-truck that the area is only 6 feet wide and 10 feet long. Specializing in both residential and commercial services, we pride ourselves on providing the best work for the best price, leaving our customers smiling. How do people sleep at night sending crap to folks that pay good money and attempt to trust. It can run for up to eight hours without the filter freezing or the water inside getting too hot. This is all hype, buyer beware. I am a technician, and was hopeful, and yet, so disappointed. Arctic Air Review. Arctic Air basically needs two things for it to work: a power outlet, and some water. Keri Robinson Senior Contributor. And that only affect the part of your body that's in line with the vents. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. It’s Freon-Free and doesn’t use any toxic coolants. A good ol' fan is 100 times better! We got a few quotes from other companies and there were none that compared to Arctic Air. As far as recommending to a friend. My only complaint is I wish the tank was bigger. Arctic Air Review. The ultra-version of Arctic Air differs in the design which the latest version is a smaller and has an adjustable vent. Write a Review. Read what customers are saying. SCAM! That air will mix with the water inside, which cools it down before it exits the appliance. I put one next to my bed and the other on the front seat aiming for the bed - did not feel anything. Evapolar Cons. The problem with traditional air conditioners is that you can only use them in certain rooms. It would be ideal for those who are in dorms, or rent rooms or even small apartments. When I contacted the company they were no help what so ever, stating that they do not have the power cords. This is a con. Second (and mentioned before), it doesn't cool like it said it would. It has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Kitma 18.6 Cu.Ft Mega Top or Imbera Prime 26 Cft.. Arctic Air AR49 was released in 2017. Their warranty is written as to be impossible to follow. Other AC systems use a lot of power to try and cool an entire house or building, which is very costly, but this personal space air cooler only consumes the same power as a small fan. Arctic Air is a personal air cooler, humidifier, and purifier all in one. I was really surprised at the amount of really cool air that was coming my way! Century Friendship Store. The Arctic Air Personal Cooler is a handy device that you might see on late-night infomercials. How Does it Work? My Arctic Air cooler started leaking water. This unit was pointed at my face all night and kept me very comfortable while I was sleeping. The Arctic Air Cooler is small and compact enough that it can be taken anywhere you … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Compared to an ordinary fan, the Arctic Air Table air conditioner is equipped with a 375 ml water tank. Based on the review above, the benefits of the Arctic Air Ultra outweigh the disadvantages. Does it work as advertised? We are prepared to give the Arctic Air Ultra a thumbs up. Staying cool in the middle of the long and hot summer is hard. Arctic Air cools, humidifies, and cleans the dust particles for better air! Onze Arctic Air luchtkoeler was een grote hit in de zomer van 2018. What a low-life company! I'm a mom who writes about new home and household products. Dit jaar introduceren we de vernieuwde variant: de Arctic Air Ultra. First you have to fill it with water and wait 24 hours for the filter to soak it up fully. 1 Arctic Air reviews. Arctic Air is an evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal climate. I was wary of purchasing the Arctic Air because of the mixed reviews, but I felt it was worth a try for an enclosed space that measures 48"L*33"H*29"W. Sure enough it works for my intended purpose so far. Those particles can also affect those with asthma and other breathing issues as well as those with respiratory problems. Home > reviews > Home Improvement > "arctic air" 1,609 Results . I used this unit last year when one of my ACs broke, and bought a replacement filter when it started heating up again outside this year. This is not a reliable product and the company knows it. It stopped the leaking but didn’t allow water from the reservoir tank to flow and wet the filter for cool air. Only the lowest form of human being would take money for this thing. I saw the commercial, something about the Arctic Air, sounded pretty good. I left and returned in 30 minutes. Created by Ian Weir, Michele McMahon. Neat Lighting for setting the mood and relaxing. In summary: Everything works somehow, but the workmanship leaves much to be desired. Single unit will cost you $59.99 + shipping and handling. Thank you, have a blessed day, do not buy Arctic Air. In principle, an air conditioner is no more than a humidifier that cools and humidifies air with cold water. It is a joke. WARNINGS: Only Fill With Water. The people that think this thing is cool are the jerks that are stealing/lying scum who are ripping off one person after another, day after day. Small and portable machine. >> This article will tell you about an air cooler that can keep you fresh and relaxed in the summers.Kindly go through the details now. Do NOT buy this junk. Deze persoonlijke luchtkoeler heeft 3 snelheden, een LED-nachtlamp en luchtbevochtigings- en luchtreinigingsfunctie voor een gezond en prettig leefklimaat. Arctic Air Ultra Review: What You Should Know. 5 summers ago we had a heatwave in Vancouver, BC. It humidifies and purifies the air around you for maximum comfort.