The film also co-stars Alec Baldwin and Chi McBride.. Awards & Events. — Reviews and Reflections. Mercury Rising (1998) Plot Summary (4) Shadowy elements in the NSA target a nine-year old autistic savant for death when he is able to decipher a top secret code. The film opens with since 1997 a hostage situation in South Dakota: FBI Agent Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis), as the inside man, protects a teenage … Edit Report … Radio Free Movie Review: Mercury Rising (1998) Reel Film Reviews [David Nusair] Review and lots of links related to the film. Directed by (1) Writing credits (3) Cast (64) Produced by (7) … What to Watch Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts. For a movie called "Mercury Rising", there's pretty few Mercuries... Skid 2007-11-25 21:10. Mercury Rising is a stereotypical '90s action film that's fairly entertaining, but familiar. Mercury Rising is a 1998 American action thriller film starring Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin.Directed by Harold Becker, the movie is based on Ryne Douglas Pearson's 1996 novel originally published as … WARNING: Spoilers. Audiences came in expecting an action movie, and what they found was a heartwarming film about autism. TOP IMDb; Thai = เสียงไทยมาสเตอร์, Thai(R) = เสียงไทยโรง, Soundtrack(TH) = เสียงซาวด์แทรกซับไทย, Soundtrack(EN) = เสียงซาวด์แทรกซับอังกฤษ. I still remember back when this movie was first released, practically every other scene in the trailer was … The following weapons were used in the film Mercury Rising: Mercury Rising received a poor reception, a fate that movies of mixed genre's often received. Mercury Rising (1998) bloopers, mistakes, errors in continuity, plot holes, anachronisms, spoilers and more. Sitting in the dark, our minds idly playing … "Mercury Rising'' is about the most sophisticated cryptographic system known to man, and about characters considerably denser than anyone in the audience. Mercury Rising (1998) Plot Synopsis. ... Mercury Rising (1998) Full Cast & Crew. The plot of Mercury Rising … Find out about all the goofs from Mercury Rising (1998) on IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes - Reviews from the Nation's Top … Mercury Rising is a 1998 thriller starring Bruce Willis as Art Jeffries, an FBI agent who must protect a young autistic boy from being eliminated by government operatives after the boy unintentionally cracks an unbreakable cypher.