Top Dog Security Services Ltd | Copyright 2017 | All Rights Reserved | UK Company Registration 6893847 | 12E London N165SA, Control of the dog on and off leash at all times, Safe and practical application of procedures following a find, How to safely deploy the dog to search and indicate the presence of drugs for which it has been trained to detect, in vehicles, buildings and areas, How to deploy the dog in manner that it ignores all reasonable distractions caused by noise, movement and non-target odour sources not physically interfering with the dog. wagtail. Drug dogs come in two forms generally, as do most search dogs. Our Proactive Drug Detection Dogs detect the presence of drugs by searching cars, buildings, schools, factories, aircraft and ships. EDD is part of Wagtail Holdings Ltd, international specialists in detection dogs and dog handler training. A four week course, during which delegates will cover all aspects of the learning outcomes, through coaching, training and by self directed distance learning enabling students to demonstrate: Candidates will be required to complete theory and practical assignments covering all areas of the learning outcomes. All courses are suitable for new handlers and handlers wanting to train in the field of detection dog handling. Personnel who have a responsibility to search vehicles, buildings and/or areas for the presence of drugs substances and would like to achieve a formal training qualification. Easily apply to this job: B.W.Y CANINE provides a range of sniffer dog services to a very diverse range of clients for detecting Drugs, Explosives, Firearms and Counterfeit Tobacco. The K9 Centre utilises a pure odour detection dog training aid called SOKKS. Our drug dog handler courses are unsurpassed by industry standards. The dog will dig, or paw at the area of the scent; The training for handlers and detection dogs is intense and once the certification has been achieved continuous training is an absolute must. All our specialist Detection Dog Handlers and their dogs are trained and accredited to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) standard and are working towards the new Home Office National Canine Training and Accreditation Scheme (NCTAS). A1K9 is an accredited training and examination centre for both the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers & the National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users. £14.06 an hour. UK Sniffer Dogs Mission Statement . Learn more about our detection dog courses and upcoming semester dates! All K9’s will come with a complete assessment environmentally and socially, microchiped, vet checked and where applicable pet passported. Our courses are designed to give the handler all the underpinning knowledge within their chosen field of detection dog handling. Detection Dogs: Drugs, cash and small arms detection dogs and handlers. Drug dog handlers must be capable of motivating their dogs, leading them in effective search patterns, and reading the dogs' responses during drug detection … Highly Trained Canines Detection dog handlers work with their canine partners to detect a specific substance that the dog is trained to identify. No matter your field, we have the experience and knowledge to take your training to an exciting new level. Drug Detection Dog Training and Procedure. The dogs are specifically trained to find MDMA, cocaine, heroin and cannabis, including … We offer a full range of courses for both dog and handler. Dog handler Alternative titles for this job include Police dog handler. This course is designed to contribute towards the skills, knowledge and understanding to effectively deploy an explosives detection dog in the operational environment. Explosives detection dog teams can be used in a variety of operational scenarios to indicate the presence of explosives. Detection Dogs For Sale Specialist Detector Dogs Ltd can procure and supply untrained, part trained, and fully trained K9’s to a variety of private handlers and companies. The course is mapped to the Skills for Security, Security Search National Occupational Standards and conforms to Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) minimum operational standards. All our dog and handlers are licenced and trained by UK Government Home Office approved instructors. Wagtail Holdings Ltd currently has contracts with government agencies in the UK and overseas for … The Wagtail Award in Proactive Drug Detection Dog Handler is a delivery only learning programme written and owned by Wagtail and endorsed by Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance (HABC). Wagtail UK are international specialists in detection dogs and dog handler training. Wagtail UK Services. Our instructors are able to tutor both dogs and handlers in preparation for examination and are fully conversant with the current legislative requirements governing the use of dogs within the commercial sector. The security dog handler route would usually require qualifications at SCQF level 4/5, relevant experience and must hold your Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. Liverpool. Each dog course provides theory, practical exercise and testing to prepare the K-9 team to be “road ready” at the conclusion of their course. EXPLOSIVE DETECTION DOGS, GUARD DOG SECURITY AND SPECIALIST SECURITY SERVICES RFA Security Services is a professional provider of sniffer dogs and highly trained explosives detection dogs to business throughout the UK. Dog handlers work with specially trained dogs to help detect and prevent crime, find lost or missing people and protect property. Specialist Dog Services Ltd. is a training establishment for both N.A.S.D.U and the N.T.I.P.D.U. Drug Odours Our Dog Detect. Along with all current legislation, kennelling, feeding, K9 first aid and grooming, scent patterns and movement. Our canine security training courses include: NASDU Level 2 Certificate for a Patrol Dog Handler - 7 days NASDU Level 3 Certificate for a Passive Drug Detection Dog Handler - 13 days NASDU Level 3 Certificate for a Proactive Drug Detection Dog Handler - 13 days Drugs Detection Dog Handler Course. Our Professional Management team and supervisors ensure that our Home Office Accredited Specialist Drugs Search / Detection / Sniffer Dog & Handler teams are being kept up-to-date with regular continuation training, while our experience within both the Services and the Civilian sectors place us at the forefront of Sniffer Dog operations. COURSE DETAILS. MORE ABOUT WAGTAIL. Should you have a need for a Drug Detection Dog, contact our team on 01423 551526 or email … RFA Security Services Ltd. Marlow SL7 3DT. This is achieved using an appropriately trained canine and handler team indicating the presence of an odour which the dog has been trained to find in the operational environment in which they have been trained to work. ... Explosive Detection Dog Handler new. At Sniffer Dog Training, we offer specialist training for both dogs and handlers in the areas of explosive and narcotics detection and single purpose search dogs. OUR BOMB AND DRUG DETECTION DOGS, GREEN SEARCH DOGS AND HIGHLY TRAINED HANDLERS ARE LEADING THE WAY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CRIME AND TERRORISM. The course takes place our North Wales Training Centre which is accredited by HABC. We carry out regular continuation training with the aim to keep all handlers and dogs compliant with BS8517-2. Our drug detection dogs are fully trained to identify the most commonly used illegal substances to date. This course is designed to contribute towards the skills, knowledge and understanding to effectively deploy an explosives detection dog in the operational environment. Formed in 2009, B.W.Y CANINE is now a leading supplier of specialist detection dogs for UK and international clients. Many detection dog teams search for drugs, explosives, or traces of bomb-making components (such as fertilizer). K9’s we train will also leave with full training records, […] All our Handlers are … Our courses are designed to give the handler all the underpinning knowledge within their chosen field of detection dog handling. Our proactive drug detection dogs can be used in searches of buildings, cars, factories, schools etc whilst our passive drug detection dogs are more effective at airports, arenas, nightclubs and public transport such as bus or train stations. I provide training courses to promote and develop nose work as a dog sport and training activity All personnel shall hold an appropriate SIA licence (course can be provided as bolt on) and should be screened to the requirements of BS 7858 Code of Practice for Security Screening of Personnel Employed in a Security Environment. Our training staff come from a service background and have over 50 years of experience within the state sector training (Police and Prison Service). We specialise in detection dogs for explosives, drugs, tobacco, cash, 'live' body detection, cadaver, disaster search/rescue, conservation and products of animal origin. Our philosophy is simple: ‘Only The Best Is Good Enough’. A trained detection dog adds value to many organizations. Drug Detection Dog Handler. Scentwork are detection-style nose work practiced daily by customs & excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search & rescue dogs and medical detection dogs. Along with all current legislation, kennelling, feeding, K9 first aid and grooming, scent patterns and movement. This is a highly specialized skill set which requires the utmost attention to detail from both the dog and its handler. Call our 24 hour control centre on 0800 587 6541 or email Dog Handler Detection Courses. Entry to graduate training usually requires an honours degree (SCQF level 10). ... All additional security, dog handler and dog training (SIA, NASDU etc) will be paid for. The United Kingdom College of Scent Dogs (UKCSD) canine training institution is committed to the successful instruction and accreditation of dogs and handlers in many aspects of canine scent detection. A specific stance/position from the dog, such as sitting position with their nose pointing directly the scent; Aggressive. Courses are accredited by awarding bodies and all assessments are carried out by independent assessors. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Buddy leaves to become a Police search dog. AT SNIFFER DOG TRAINING, WE ENSURE THAT EVERY DRUGS DETECTION DOG UNDERGOES THOROUGH TRAINING BOTH ON … Sokks is a pure odour product and will assist you to train your canine to detect even the smallest amount of the most commonly used and abused drugs.. A Small Example of Drugs we can detect: Cocaine ( Koka, Pflanza, Peru) By applying our knowledge as dog trainers and scent instructors, we have developed a program that will enable owners to give their dogs positive scent experiences, not only teaching them to work and play with scent, but using scent to rectify problems in pet dogs when it comes to behaviour. G4S 3.4. Proactive Drug Detection Dogs. Drug Detection Dogs BWY Canine drug detection dog teams operate at airports, hospitals, offices, police operations, events and music festivals. OUR NARCOTICS DETECTION DOGS HAVE BEEN CAREFULLY SELECTED FROM UK HUNTING BREEDS AND EXTENSIVELY TRAINED TO IDENTIFY A RANGE OF SUBSTANCES INCLUDING COCAINE, HEROIN, MDMA AND CANNABIS NO MATTER HOW WELL HIDDEN THEY MAY BE. To improve dog's lives through nosework. Within HMRC you could apply to train as an Anti-smuggling Dog Handler. £28,000 - £40,000 a year. Price on request: includes, Lunch, tea/coffee breaks, manuals and certification. Included in the basic training procedures for these dogs is also a development of the ability to use wind currents to enhance a dog’s detection abilities. A proactive dog works as part of the team but will search independently off the lead, tasked by verbal and visual stimulus to search target areas under guidance from the handler. The police, Army, RAF, HM Revenue and Customs, the fire service, search and rescue organisations and private security firms all offer job opportunities for dog handlers Drug Dog Handler Training. We are also able to deliver comprehensive dog and handler training courses including drug detection dogs, explosives detection dogs, security dogs and security handler training for clients from our training facilities in the UK and the USA or if required in your own country.
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